Christmas Cheer, RootsTech2014 & Why I’m Excited

Christmas is coming…and after that…RootsTech2014

Most people could understand why Christmas is exciting…but RootsTech2014…???  No…they perhaps just don’t get that.  Well let me tell you…Christmas is a time for families to get together…and after that…the family historians (or genealogists) get together at RootsTech2014…ahhh…now I see that you are understanding…

I’ve wanted to attend RootsTech and now I have an opportunity which I just couldn’t pass by.  I will be reporting on what I see, do and experience.  So keep calling back to see what’s happening here.  Cheers for now…



The very best wishes for the Festive Season!


About familytreesures

Family Historian, Genealogist & Certified Trainer, Fiona Tellesson helps both Beginners and Intermediate Researchers find that perfect blend of curiosity and research skills that are required to build their family history. Learn how to use both and watch how your heightened research ability can take your research to a whole new level. "My clients build solid family trees with their research in a timely manner, which saves time and money!"
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One Response to Christmas Cheer, RootsTech2014 & Why I’m Excited

  1. As a veteran of the first three Rootstech conferences I know you will have a blast.


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